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Welcome to The Virtuous Cycle

The Virtuous Cycle is debuting The Prime Portfolio and The Action Portfolio while building them from the ground up, with complete transparency, and in full public view. Follow The Virtuous Cycle to watch my story unfold and become part of our community.

The Prime Portfolio

Time Horizon: 5-10 Years or More

Allocation: 65%-80% of Total Capital

The Prime Portfolio utilizes a concentration investment strategy with my highest conviction holdings of 8 to 12 top caliber businesses. The portfolio's ideal holding is a simple and understandable franchise quality business with unregulated profits and promising prospects over a 10-to-20-year time horizon.

The Action Portfolio

Time Horizon: 3-5 Years or More

Allocation: 20%-35% of Total Capital

The Action Portfolio is a system of side bets designed to fulfill my passion for investing but without risking excessive capital in stocks not yet ready for prime. These companies possess exceptional growth characteristics, premium business models, prospects for dividend growth, or high total shareholder yield. The best of these holdings are candidates that may eventually be added to The Prime Portfolio.