The Action Portfolio

The Action Portfolio is comprised of general equity selections with competitive advantages, growth or dividend growth prospects, or high total shareholder yield. The position sizes are small individually, as well as collectively. The portfolio consists of what I consider to be timely holdings of companies with positive near-to-mid-term prospects. In contrast to The Prime Portfolio, these are expected to be shorter-duration holdings with higher near-term potential but also greater potential risks. 

2019.06.28 The Action Portfolio.PNG

Portfolio performance as of 6/28/2019.  Portfolio holdings are updated approximately once per month.

The Action Portfolio Focus Articles:

Baozun - A High Risk Bet Worth Taking  9/5/2017

Match Group - Market Leader of the World's Most Enduring Industry 1/5/2018

Disclosure: Jason Rowland owns shares of all stocks in both The Prime Portfolio and The Action Portfolio.

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